Vision Statement

Service Delivery, Coordination and Engagement

The  NCSGI is dedicated to ensuring that community members who have contact with the service will have the best possible outcome; they will feel welcome, safe, listened to, supported and respected – and they will remain the centre of all decisions that affect their lives.


The NCSGI will be a service delivery hub that provides coordinated, contemporary programs driven by community needs which are effectively linked to existing service and resource networks. We will provide services that are well researched, in line with best practice and timely consumer access.

Service Development, Growth and Collaboration

The NCSGI aims to extend its important role in the community.  Our organisation will be valued as an important resource that fosters connections and reciprocal balanced relationships across the local community, other service providers and businesses.


The NCSGI will foster collaborative relationships across the community to ensure timely, coordinated and effective service responses are provided to community members. We will strive to ensure that the relationships with all relevant service providers are genuine, professional and operate in the best interests of the community.


The NCSGI will be a colourful, busy hub in the community offering a range of innovative and creative programs; attracting and retaining energetic and capable volunteers from the community that supports our ongoing development and growth.


Sustainability and Infrastructure

The NCSGI will seek the required resources and infrastructure to ensure appropriate service delivery to our community members to facilitate development, growth and flexibility in its delivery.


We will utilise our resources and facilities to maximise community access to meeting spaces, training rooms and program areas to best meet their needs in a professional and timely way.


Human Resources and Professional Development

The NCSGI will provide a workplace that is safe, stable and engaging. Staff will be valued and provided with ongoing professional development opportunities and an excellent staff performance management system consistent with workforce development best practice.


Governance and Finance

The NCSGI will have a robust, sustainable, accountable, transparent and ethical governance structure with the capacity to develop and grow to adequately meet the changing needs of the community.


The NCSGI will have clear goals to ensure a sustainable financial base through raising donor contributions, grants and government funding.


The NCSGI has a quality system of policies and procedures which will be routinely reviewed and improved.