Mission, Values and Philosophy

Service Delivery and Coordination

The NCSGI believes that our community, clients and their families are the focus of our service delivery, programs and practice. We value strong relationships, engagement and dialogue between this service, our broader community and our clients to determine our direction and service delivery.

The NCSGI recognises the diversity of culture and lifestyle experience of the community and is committed to offering services that are sensitive and respectful to the cultural norms, traditions and protocols of all groups, individuals and families.


We believe that all people in our community have a right to access and participate in social resources, networks and decision making and our service plays an important part in our clients’ lives. We work with the community to build connection, empowerment and resilience.


Service Development, Growth and Collaboration

The NCSGI believes in growing our service delivery to meet the needs of the community in a manner that is consistent with our core values and incorporates best practice principles. We believe in an integrated and responsive service delivery system that has the capacity to deliver the required services to our clients and to identify unmet needs and avenues for future growth.


As a community service we believe that the raising of awareness of local issues, the engendering of local business support and service collaboration with other key services in the broader community are essential to ensuring  quality and holistic service delivery to clients and their families.


Sustainability and Infrastructure

We are committed to developing our capacities, infrastructure and systems for future growth to occur; enabling a responsive and needs based service delivery to the community.

We believe all avenues that generate a sustainable future require consideration to ensure we continue to grow and develop to meet the expressed needs of our community

We believe in a team approach based on effective planning and organisation, valuing members personally and professionally as well as encouraging an appropriate balance between work and life.


Human Resources and Professional Development

The NCSGI believes in a workplace that values its staff, volunteers and management. We strive to ensure a culture that is professional, caring and just. We believe in providing staff with professional development opportunities that ensure continuing high quality service delivery and staff cohesion.


We value a strong and functioning team environment that promotes respect, trust, transparency and honesty.


Governance and Finance

We believe in providing a transparent and accountable governance structure for the organisation. We recognise the necessity for Management Committee members to be knowledgeable of their roles and responsibilities and for them to demonstrate the commitment and skills required to professionally fulfil their duties. We believe the membership of the Management Committee should represent the diversity of the community.


The NCSG believes that communications within the organisation are transparent and respectful to ensure individual and organisational integrity and dignity.


The NCSGI will professionally and ethically meet all contractual, procedural and legislative requirements necessary for its successful running.