Legal Service

Background Information

Eugene White is currently employed as the Principal Solicitor at the Legal Service. Admitted as a Queensland solicitor in 1980, he has wide legal experience in Queensland and interstate and has held several Management Committees roles in the not for profit sector.


Under the Management Committee’s overall responsibility for the NCSGI, the NCLS management is cooperatively shared between the Principal Solicitor and other staff whose effective liaison ensures timely compliance with all funding, insurance and professional obligations. In addition, the Principal Solicitor has a number of professional and professional indemnity insurance [PII] obligations including undertaking compulsory continuing professional development and supervising overall compliance and high quality service through induction, training and education of paid staff, Management Committee members and volunteers – especially reviewing volunteers’ advices. The NCSGI keeps up to date with best practice and is am active member of peak organisations for community legal centres [CLCs]: the Queensland Association of Independent Legal Services [QAILS] and the National Association of Community Legal Centres [NACLC].


The NCSGI operates the NCLS as an integrated part of the broader Nundah Neighbourhood Centre. The NCLS aims to provide all members of the community focused on, but not limited to, the Brisbane North area centred on Nundah.  NCLS aim is to provide access to justice to the most disadvantaged and marginalised members of our community through a free, quality often “triage” and sometimes “last resort” legal service. We take a holistic, collaborative approach and provide effective information, advice and practical referrals to specialist legal and multi-disciplinary non legal services.


As a small generalist legal service [the only one between West End to Redcliffe and Pine Rivers] the NCLS sees a range of complex concerns affecting our diverse clientele which includes the indigenous and LGBTI communities, refugees, migrants, youth, the elderly, the homeless, former prisoners, consumers, welfare recipients and those with disabilities, mental health or substance abuse issues.  Legal problems relevant to the NCLS’ clients span family, criminal, commercial, property, equity, insolvency, probate, personal injuries, professional negligence and discipline, defamation, neighbourhood, employment, domestic violence, consumer, human rights/ discrimination, administrative, motor vehicle property, child protection and tenancy law. We also maintain an active interest and involvement in community legal education [especially law talks to school and university students].