Client Rights and Responsibilities

Statement of Rights

Clients have the right to:

be treated with fairness regardless of gender, race, religion, disability, cultural and linguistic background or age.

  • a safe, secure and comfortable environment whilst using the service.
  • be treated with honesty, respect, dignity and regard for their privacy and confidentiality.
  • be provided with accurate information to make informed decisions and choices about the services they receive.
  • professional, high quality services, appropriate to their needs and circumstances.
  • support that takes into account lifestyle and cultural differences and to be an active partner in the services provided.
  • receive services regardless of their financial circumstances.
  • pursue a grievance about the service without fear of retribution or lose of service and to have that grievance resolved in a timely and appropriate manner.


Staff, students or volunteers who breach a client’s rights may be asked to undergo a performance management process as per the Employee Performance Management and Discipline Policy.  Visiting services which do not adhere to the Client’s Statement of Rights may have their Room Hire agreement, Memorandum of Understanding or any other agreement between that service and NCSGI cancelled.


Statement of Responsibilities

Clients have a responsibility to:

respect other people’s rights to a safe, secure and comfortable environment and actively contribute to ensuring this occurs

  • treat other clients, staff, students, volunteers and visiting services with respect and consideration.
  • respect other people’s rights to privacy and confidentiality.
  • Be on time for appointments and provide all information necessary for the provision of services
  • follow the programs’ policies and procedures as they relate to clients and access to services.


Clients who do not adhere to their responsibilities in accessing a service with NCSGI may be asked to undergo a review of support prior to being offered further services.  This review will be undertaken by either the Coordinator or Principal Solicitor.