CLE Podcasts

The Community Legal Education (CLE) assists with informing and educating the community about the law. As litigation is costly financially and emotionally, the CLE  aims to guides people to appropriate legal assistance channels.

CLE Podcasts have been developed as a resource to address frequently asked questions about legal rights and responsibilities.

The Podcasts will produce new topics monthly. If you have a legal query you would like answered, please contact us via email or phone 3260 6820.

If you would like to listen to this Podcast, please click on either of the links below (just a reminder that you will need speakers). To save the Podcast files – right click on the link and save as.

Disclaimer: Information found within this Podcast is of general nature only. Listeners should not act on the basis of this information without obtaining specific professional advice, for their own particular situation.

CLE Podcasts:

Podcast Episode 01 – Trees and Fences


Podcast Episode 02 – Consumer Complaints


Podcast Episode 03 – Peronal Injuries


Podcast Episode 04 – Elder Abuse


Podcast Episode 05 – Probate & Succession


Podcast Episode 06 – Trees & Fences


Podcast Episode 07 – Personal Injuries


Podcast Episode 08 – Consumer Law


Podcast Episode 09 – Probate & Succession


Podcast Episode 10 – Elder Abuse