The Injustice Of Intimacy Podcasts


In these podcasts women share their stories about recognizing and getting help for Intimate Partner Sexual Violence (IPSV).   IPSV sits in the crossroads of domestic violence and sexual assault.  IPSV is another tactic abusers use to take or maintain power and control over their intimate partners.  It can have significant impacts on the survivor yet it is often overlooked by workers, sometimes leaving women feeling alone and ashamed about what was done to them.  You will also here from a range of professionals who have worked with women who have experienced sexual violence in their intimate relationships.

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Podcast 1:

Title:  Is this what I think it is? Defining and recognising Intimate Partner Sexual Violence (IPSV)

Indrina tells her story of comprehending that she was subjected to sexual violence and abuse throughout her marriage.

Julie Sarkozi, a solicitor, explains the definitions of IPSV and legal options, within the context of Queensland Law– both as a criminal offence and as category within domestic violence legislation.


Podcast 2:

Title: why is it so hard to get help? Barriers to seeking help for Intimate Partner Sexual Violence

Sam reflects on the challenges she faced in accessing the right help and support after IPSV.

Sgt Kerry McKay from Qld Police discusses police responses when women seek help for IPSV and gives insight into the process of proceeding through the criminal justice system.


Podcast 3:

Title: Now that I know, what do I do? Deciding what steps to take to seek help

Jessica shares her experiences of telling people of the IPSV, who she told, how they responded, what was helpful and what made it difficult.

Leona Berrie, Manager of WWILD – Sexual Violence Prevention Association, discusses the specific challenges for women with intellectual disabilities seeking help for Intimate Partner Sexual Violence


Podcast 4:

Title:  Finding My Way Through Navigating the systems and services after Intimate Partner Sexual Violence

Eve shares her experiences with the police, the legal system, domestic violence support services and counselling when seeking help for IPSV.

Belinda Cox works at a domestic violence service and talks about her work with women who have experienced IPSV and the process of supporting women to navigate the different systems.


Podcast 5:

Title: Now what? – Life beyond the impacts of IPSV Moving forward with life after experiencing Intimate Partner Sexual Violence.

Alex reflects on what helped her work through the trauma of sexual violence within her marriage and how she has been able to move forward.

Lisa Berlin, a Social Worker, shares her insights from over 25 years in the domestic violence sector, working with and counselling women, many who have experienced IPSV.



Common Neighbourhood and Elder Legal Issues Podcasts 

The Community Legal Education (CLE) assists with informing and educating the community about the law. As litigation is costly financially and emotionally, the CLE  aims to guides people to appropriate legal assistance channels.

CLE Podcasts have been developed as a resource to address frequently asked questions about legal rights and responsibilities.

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Disclaimer: Information found within this Podcast is of general nature only. Listeners should not act on the basis of this information without obtaining specific professional advice, for their own particular situation.

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