About Us


The Nundah Community Support Group Inc [NCSGI] incorporated on 21 November 1991, opened in 1992 as the Nundah Community Centre [NCC] and in 1993 launched the free Nundah Community Legal Service [NCLS], staffed solely by volunteers. [read more…]


Mission, Values and Philosophy

Service Delivery and Coordination

The NCSGI believes that our community, clients and their families are the focus of our service delivery, programs and practice. We value strong relationships, engagement and dialogue between this service, our broader community and our clients to determine our direction and service delivery. [read more…]


Vision Statement

Service Delivery, Coordination and Engagement

The  NCSGI is dedicated to ensuring that community members who have contact with the service will have the best possible outcome; they will feel welcome, safe, listened to, supported and respected – and they will remain the centre of all decisions that affect their lives. [read more…]

Statement of Rights 

NCSGI is committed to ensuring that all individuals accessing the service are aware of their rights and responsibilities and receive a consistent and equitable response from other clients, staff, volunteers, students and visiting services.  [read more…]



The Nundah Community Support Group Inc is governed by a Management Committee of seven and is an elective, representative and collective body. NCSGI Management Committee members come from a variety of professional backgrounds and provide their expertise and skills on a volunteer basis to ensure the overall governance of the organisation. [read more…]



Nundah Community Support Group Inc currently receives recurrent funding from the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services for the Neighbourhood Centre program and from Department of Justice and Attorney General through Legal Aid Queensland for the Nundah Community Legal Service.

NCSGI also receives funding for other programs and activities from a range of diverse sources including the Brisbane City Council, other grant programs and private donations.

NCSGI Privacy Statement

Nundah Community Support Group Inc (NCSGI) respects clients’ rights to privacy and confidentiality and complies with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) contained in the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (as amended). These principles govern the collection and treatment of sensitive and personal information. In particular, the principles deal with accuracy of such recorded information, the disclosure of this information, the storage of this information and the destruction of these private information records.

Collection of Personal Information

In order to assist you, we need to keep certain records (client files), which typically include certain personal or sensitive details about you and the services we provide to you.

We will only collect information from you that we need in order to provide services to you.
Security of Data

The only people who have any access to our confidential client information are our staff, students and volunteers, who have all read and signed a Code of Conduct which includes necessity of confidentiality in regard to ascertaining and maintaining client information when they commence work at our centre.

All personal and sensitive information will be securely stored in locked cabinets and/or password protected databases with access restricted to those who require it to work with clients and to carry out the services of NCSGI.

The centre is also committed to protecting your personal information from misuse or loss, from unauthorised access, modification and disclosure, and will take reasonable steps to do so. All personal and sensitive information will be securely stored in locked cabinets and/or password protected databases with access restricted to those who require it to work with clients and to carry out the services of NCSGI.

You have a general right of access to your own personal information after your identity is confirmed, and have the right to have that information corrected if it is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date.

Use of Personal Information

As part of our funding agreement, we are required to provide to funding bodies statistical information about our services. Our clients’ personal information and details of services will not be provided to funding bodies; however, this information is necessary for NCSGI’s records.

Once your file has been closed, NCSGI will destroy it after the minimum legal requirements for retaining documents have expired.

Please contact the centre’s coordinator if you wish to make a complaint about NCSGI’s handling of your private information. We will deal with your complaint as soon as possible as outlined in our Complaints Policy.